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The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

Coffee coffee buzzbuzzbuzz coffeee coffeeee chocolate chocolate chocolate FRIDAY! MUSIC TIME! So I'm working on putting together a few other blog days of the week. I'd like to start posting some of my piano lesson ideas and I'm working on a weekly meal planner post. I used to do a lot more of my crafting and such, and I'd like to expand into that again because I have all the time in the world to do these things. Yep.

Today! Today's the day for people who are/were in other bands releasing their own things: My Morning Jacket's Carl Broemel has 4th of July, Alt-J's drummer Thom Sonny Green released High Anxiety, Quasi's Sam Coomes and his Bugger Me, and formerly in The Civil Wars, John Paul White presents us Beulah. Dolly Parton's 43rd(!) album, Pure & Simple, was inspired by two concerts last year. My Half Pints co-host has probably already listened and loved the new Lydia Loveless, Real album. I've been hearing good things about the singer-songwriter Chris Staples album, Golden Age. And watch for the debut country album from Drake White, Spark.

Sparkles sparkles everywhere It's the List!

A very stretched list of Star Wars reminders

(the first three are legit, and then I just  wanted to make a list, I can't believe there isn't a Luke or a Leia releasing something this week by the way)

Lando Chill, For Mark, Your Son

Fond Han, "New Alright" - just a single but it's good.

Vader, Iron Times

Blind Pilot, And Then Like Lions

Lakuta, Brothers & Sisters

Soolo, Tage Aus Licht

Albums or artists with an animal somewhere in there

Ruby the Rabbitfoot, Divorce Party  - This is way poppier than her last album but I'm diggiing it.

The Moles, Tonight's Music - There are some odd tracks on this but otherwise it's indie rock to a t.

Shoot, I already listed Blind Pilot (and then like LIONS)

Close Lobsters, Desires and Signs EP - these guys were together in the 80s and reunited again in 2012. You can hear it in the tight music with that bit of wisdom to the writing.

Cool Ghouls, Animal Races -

Horseback, Dead Ringers

Omar Rodriguez-López, Blind Worms Pious Swine - I feel that with his onslaught of albums we will be seeing, I'm going to end up making my own album with tracks from each release that I like.

Waterstrider, Nowhere Now - I like this indie rock band from California.

There are a few more bands on the Spotify playlist so make sure to check that out too. And as always, Happy Listening!

ps. I never posted my playlist for last week, so I updated that post with the list. You can also just follow bunkamade on spotify to see all my playlists. Okay, sneaking away now...



The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

It's Friday! I think I should just announce everyday like that. "It's Monday!" "It's Tuesday!" Gives the day a little oomph. A little ta-da. Speaking of which I vacuumed the dining room this morning and I forgot to ta-da my chore... All right, down to the nuts and bolts, or maybe the quavers and rests of music. (I don't know why I chose quaver. I just did. It's such a cool word.)

Today, indie rockers Of Montreal released Innocence Reaches. Rapper Rae Sremmurd is back with SremmLife 2. It's time for the next in Omar Rodríguez-López's series of 2016 releases with Blind Worms Pious Swine. I like that title. Popular rockers Young The Giant give us Home of the Strange. JEFF the Brotherhood complete their trilogy begun by Heavy Days and We Are The Champions with Zone. And Minnesota rappers Atmosphere have Fishing Blues. And a personal favorite - Ruby the Rabbitfoot is finally back with a new album, Divorce Party. So I'm excited about that.

Like a tome drops The List of the week past.

All right last week was body references this week,

Words that make me think of travelling or vacation

Jem, Beachwood Canyon

Kevin Hays, North - Jazz pianist you can check out at his bandcamp page, which I suggest you do if you like jazz.

Jonah Tolchin, Thousand Mile Night - Singer-songwriter that you know would also be good for driving music...

Islander, Power Under Control

Jeremy & the Harlequins, Into the Night

Delroy Edwards, Hangin' At the Beach

David West, Peace or Love

Camera, Phantom of Liberty -

Brick, Faceless Strangers - Metal

Andrew Leahey & the Homestead, Skyline in Central Time

Keiko Matsui, Journey to the Heart - instrumental or jazz?

Kllo, Well Worn - it's not but for some reason, I'm thinking a little XX type pop style to this one.

Minden, Sweet Simple Things - first off, everyone is thinking of the amazing Harold Warp's Pioneer Village in Minden Nebraska right? Me too. Secondly, this band is not affiliated but they are upbeat fun pop - more indie pop than pop pop.

Russian Circles, Guidance - Instrumental rock that's a bit harder, edging on metal.

Trevor Sensor, Starved Nights of Saturday Stars - I think my closest reference would be Nathaniel Rateliff in the brashness of singing. Kinda bar/drinking playground of rock.

O'Connor Band, Coming Home - see how I put this one last? Pretty clever. Anyway, acoustic americana style country.

And there's my bouncing back and forth filling things in but not enough time to do it. So some of those you'll just have to check out on your own. Some are on the Spotify list for today, others aren't. Some bands I haven't mentioned are on the Spotify list today, others not. And I did not get through the entire list because it was a long one but today's releases are pretty light and I'm looking forward to maybe completely listening to the first 2 weeks of August's releases by next Friday. We'll see, won't we? And with that I bid you all adieu, Happy Listening!


The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

Oh poor Frank Ocean fans. I checked at 7:00 am, no album. But oh my goodness the twitter feed regarding Frank Ocean is hilarious! He's definitely got some comedic fans. And if you are awaiting his album and want to commiserate - snapchat has filters for you (in select countries)! So read this and then go check that out. But don't worry, Oceanarians, I've got other music for you. Let's hit up what actually did come out today...

But first, fun fact: Everytime I see a song titled "Seeker" or with the word in it, I always listen to it to see if it's about Quidditch. One day it will work. One day.

Today I also have to extend an empathetic arm to Travi$ Scott fans as it seems he has disappeared from Twitter and there is no sign of the album he was supposed to release today. Yet. There are still 9 hours until the end of August 5th as I write this. American Idol fans no worries though, Nick Fradiani released Hurricane. I checked, it's there. Wye Oak released Tween physically. That sounds bad. Actual tactile release of the Wye Oak album out today. Christian rockers Skillet, hm should I say, unleashed Unleashed today. Minnesota favorite Haley Bonar is getting some good vibes out of Impossible Dream. Gov't Mule released their first demos as The Tel Star Sessions. And Dinosaur Jr. is back with Give A Glimpse of What Yer Not. 2 Chainz has a mixtape out: Daniel Son; Necklace Don. And there is an interesting soundtrack out by 65daysofstatic for an anticipated sci-fi game coming out called No Man's Sky.Banks released another single, "Gemini Feed," from her upcoming album.And that is the most news we've had in weeks. Seems that releases are starting to spill out as we head toward the insane fall releases. So buckle up everybody it's going to start getting crazy I think.

Get crazy with last week's list.

A week of body references

Omar Rodríguez-Lopéz, Corazones - one of his many albums slated for this year

For Everest, We Are At Home In This Body -

Two Steps on the Water, God Forbid Anyone Look Me In The Eye - for some reason I think this reminds of Justin Vernon related items. Maybe not Bon Iver per se, but projects that he's done or bands he's recorded

Thank You Scientist, Stranger Heads Prevail - it's almost jazz rock

Problem of Pain, Burn What MyHands Wrought - I believe this was very angst ridden screamy metal?

Ploy, iron Lungs EP - This electronica set went into my okay pile this week.

Gary Hoey, Dust & Bones - Either the guy is singing or his guitar is rock

Things I was digging last week

Viola Beach, Viola Beach - I know I mentioned this last week due to the sad circumstances surrounding it but it's good and unfortunate that this is the only release.

Rett Smith, Oscuro - There's something about this guitar focused rock album that is just kinda fun.

Mothers, Accessory Cloud/Easy As Possible 7" - Their album came out earlier this year and I believe I saw it on a few half year best-ofs - and it is good, it was even better to be reminded to go back and relisten to that after hearing these tracks.

Avers, Omega/Whatever - I dig this. And I have to forewarn, the track I put on the Spotify list has an f-word in it.

NAO, For All We Know - Another one I don't know if on paper it would be something into but it has a good groove.

Frankie Reyes, Boleros Valses y Mas - This is amazing. I could just listen to this all day.

Mendrugo, More Amor - A simple straight-forward acoustic album with gorgeous melodies.

2 8 1 4, Rain Temple - One of those albums that fit into my work mood and had to put in the like pile when I realized I had just listened to half the album.

Future Generations, Future Generations - still digging this indie rock album.

Ricardo Arjona, Apague la Luz y Escuche - Just a nice acoustic album again.

I've got a lot on the To-Listen list to decide on too this week. But that should be a good start. Hopefully I get my Spotify list up before too long but right now my garage sale itch is itching and I need to go see if the sale down the street still has a few items I was thinking about. I mean I'm pretty sure I'll get my Spotify list up before Frank Ocean or Travis Scott release their albums. Ha! Though I hope those come out soon, it's not fun waiting on something you've been looking forward to. The Frank Ocean fans on twitter have been pretty funny though.... Anyway, to the garage sale and Happy Listening!



The Friday Refrain: Saturday Edition!

What a gorgeous week. Today we went to the zoo and ate our lunch next to the ducks. Baguette, salmon with cucumber in yogurt, and cheese slices. Last night a delicious meal at Surly paired with delicious beers. The high tides of summer are fun ones. Adventures. Everyday I aim to find some sort of adventure for us - small or large. Even just a ride over the footbridge above the freeway to the other playground, attempting a new recipe, discovering new books at the library. Adventures everywhere. Adventures in music too.

Yesterday's new music has some fun items to share. Lori McKenna released The Bird & The Rifle, and I'm not sure if it's just the one headline or if there is a collective murmurring out there that this is something to seek out and listen to. Former Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson formed The Chris Robinson Brotherhood and released Any Way You Love, We Know How You Feel. Latin artists were gather together, including Ozomatli, to make Quiero Creedence, a cover album of Creedance Clearwater Revival songs. And then I don't recognize a lot of things. So I'm going to end it with two bands that aren't on many people's radar. Also yesterday a band named Viola Beach released a posthumous debut album sadly after the band died in a car crash in February. At Glastonbury, Coldplay played their single "Boys That Sing." On a brighter note, a band named Future Generations released a self-titled album yesterday that I put on and found delightful.

Last week's list. Half-listened to because Half Pints Whole Notes recorded this week and we picked a lot of bands with longer albums randomly.

Anyway, short naps abound these days and I must sign off. Happy Listening!


The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

Sitting amidst the chaos of a hot week and thus little cleaning, I am thankful that it is not humid today. Because that means I can function. Sort of. Also, life is always better when I can actually sit down with my cup of coffee, and even better if that coffee is in my Coffee With Jeff mug. Let's dive on.

The founder of Fountains of Wayne now is doing his own thing in various projects, and today his project Look Back released Look Back. Stephen Marley released Revolution II: Fruit of Life where this one is more about how reggae has influenced different music. And that's kinda the big big news of the day. Besides a few reissues, including Dio, A Decade of Dio: 1983-1993.

I got through July 1st!

No odd lists today, I tried but it just didn't pop out at me. Just a boring list of things I like instead.

If You Like...

That Sasha Siem album last year? Try out Kelsey Lu, Church EP

Singer-Songwriters who have that Bon Iver influence? Try James Vincent McMorrow's single "Rising Water" for his upcoming September release

A bit of 90s rock? Strange Relations, Going Out.

a bit of improvisation and modal building, Tangents, Stateless

Okay, this is just weird but for some reason Johnny Foreigner, Mono No Aware makes me think that a cheerleader squad put together a garagey-noisy rock album. Haven't made up my mind on this.

Slower rock? The By Gods, Phone Calls

Weekend morning folk/country fix? The Moon Bros. These Stars

a bit of pop female singer music? Delta Goodrem, Wings of the Wild (she's running alongside a tiger on the cover!)

CA rock, try Terry, Terry HQ (has a little Velvet Underground tinge to it)

Yes and/or The Flower Kings, then make sure you listened to Anderson/Stolt, Invention of Knowledge

a little jazz, try Kenny Garrett, Do Your Dance!

There's a bit of variety for your ears. Check out the Spotify list for a few more suggestions too. And it's hot out there so make sure you're getting cool for a bit during the day, drinking your water, and if you're out enjoying the music don't forget your ear protection! Happy Listening!