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The Daycake

Last week, we were blessed with some water in our basement. It was quite the adventure, and a good test of general "where is _____?" knowledge. The floors are pretty much dry though, and this weekend we should be putting stuff back in its place.

Besides reminding us where vital turn-offs are located in our home, it has also displaced quite a number of items in our house. And thus - the creation of the Daycake.

The Daycake in all its gloryOne part guest bed to one part library daybed = the Daycake. Good for lounging, feeling like a tyrannical ruler, and also for hiding.

Look closer.


Don't forget to hide treats for your pets in other rooms so they don't stare at your hiding spot!


Hidden Bunka


Road Trip!

All right, it's summer - the time of road trips galore! Here are a few things to throw on the speakers as you're going:

"Song 2" - Blur

Kelly Clarkson

Rushmore Soundtrack

Theatre is Evil Amanda Palmer & the Grand Theft Orchestra

Favorite Podcasts - I'm an NPR junkie so I will bring a few favorites of 99% Invisible, Freakonomics, and The Dinner Party Download.

The Who

Never Trust A Happy Song - Grouplove

Phil Collins

Evil Urges - My Morning Jacket


The Band

Well, the clouds are moving in and it's time to go mow. Happy Tuesday!


A Last Minute Checklist

I promise that I'll post about something else soon. Coming up I'll share my summer fun plan for piano lessons, projects from the house, and a new weekly project!  But first...

So you're going on vacation to somewhere in a tent. Here's a fortnight checklist:

Tent stuff together? (Tent, poles, mallet, stakes)

Throw a bunch of water bottles in the freezer. Not only will this be handy for drinking later - it'll also save you on ice money for the cooler.

Packing List? (Here's my festival checklist, if you need a starting point)

Freshened up your car? (Inside and out: I get a once over on my car when I have my oil changed before a trip. Also, when did you last replace those windshield wipers?)

Cleaned your cooler?

Have your car games ready? (a deck of Trivial Pursuit and Outburst cards are pretty nifty in my book)

And a few more tips for the Bonnaroo crowd:

- Packing your Centeroo stuff in plastic bag will not just make your stuff rain proof, but could speed along your bag check this year. (Check out Survival of Preparedest for more on this)

- Pack a set of clothes that stay fresh and hidden. When you reenter the real world, you'll look and smell a lot less like you've been in a field for 4 days.

- Prepare for it all: Hot and cold weather, wet and dry: long sleeves, no sleeves, pants, shorts, sandals, shoes, poncho, hat, bandanna

Hydrate. Use sunscreen. Wear ear plugs. You'll be glad you did.


Sunday Afternoons

Sundays at the farm are one of my favorites. Every year it seems we are able to find some good bands to relax to - a good mix of music legends, and recent favorites. Here's a few of my favorite Sunday bands from Bonnaroo past for your Sunday enjoyment:

*Note: These are albums to fill your day instead of just an hour playlist or so. Also, sometimes musicians swear. Sorry.

Yonder Mountain String Band - self titled

Mavis Staples - "You Are Not Alone"

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - "Raising Sand"

Fruit Bats - "Ruminant Band"

Phoenix - "Alphabetical"

Orchestra Baobab - "A Night at Club Baobab"

Diversion: They Might Be Giants - "Here Comes Science," or "Lincoln"

Neko Case - "Middle Cyclone"

Ben Folds Five - self titled

Andrew Bird - "Armchair Aprocrypha"

 The Beach Boys - "Endless Summer"

Aimee Mann - "@#%&*! Smilers"

John Fogerty - "The Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again"

Explosions in the Sky - "All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone"

Happy Sunday!



Days into Nights

Late nights are magic.

For someone who has to manage how much I've spent in the sun and hug the shade, nighttime is perfect for wandering freely from band to band and not keeping track of how long ago I applied sunscreen. But there's something else about a late night of music, and I don't know what it is. Magic just seems to happen. Here are a few of my favorite moments:

After Pearl Jam finished at our first year, we were exhausted and sweaty. (Plus my husband was recovering from some cold he'd picked up) we stretched out on the lawn with a plate of samosas and sweet potato fries to watch Sigur Ros. I first heard this band on a mix cd my best friend gave me for my 19th birthday, and was amazed by the sound. I could hardly believe I was watching them suddenly live on stage, sparkly atmosphere and a marching band? The perfect wind-down to a wonderful day.

Same year, we were at the epic My Morning Jacket show. As songs would build, the rain poured down and the wind blew hard; then ebbing as the song wound down. It felt like they controlled the weather. Eventually they had to take a break since electronics and water aren't very good friends. When they came back, Jim James wore a cape and they tore into a great James Brown cover. We ended up leaving a bit before the end, soaked to the bone and shivering, but warmed ourselves in our sleeping bags listening to the last song,"Home Sweet Home," as we fell asleep.

LCD Soundsystem made us dance our socks off a few years ago. As we dance-sprinted to the tent, we dodged and leapt over sleeping bodies. I wish that LCD would reform every year for a late night set.

Walking back to Public Enemy from the portapotties, I reached a point in the road where I could distinctly hear Phish and Public Enemy. The sound of the two bands briefly complemented each other for a minute, rhythm and tonality syncing just for a minute. Just the right moment and right time. Amazing.

The Flaming Lips played a double set of their own work and then played The Dark Side of the Moon. First, Wayne was in the hamster ball. Second they played Dark Side. Need I say more?

And finally, Alice Cooper's set last year. My great friend had been so excited and she made sure we found the perfect spot. There was a kid dressed up in a top hat and cane on their parent's shoulders the whole show. I had never seen Alice Cooper before. Such a stage show, and just amazed me from beginning to end.

So many different sounds. So much fun. And a lot of dancing. It's the magic of late nights.