Who will I teach?

I am happy to give lessons to students of all ages who are willing to learn and work with them at their level to help them understand the piano and music.

Where do I teach?

Currently, I am teaching in-home lessons Monday through Friday in the Twin Cities metro area. For more information about setting up lessons and the times I have available click the "Email Me" link at the bottom of the page and I will be sure to respond as soon as possible.


 Piano vs. Keyboard

If you are willing to invest money into lessons, then I would recommend investing in your instrument as well. There is so much that occurs when you press down the key of a piano that a keyboard just cannot emulate it, no matter how much the keyboard costs. And honestly, when you start to look at keyboards that really feel and sound like a piano, the price might not be far off from buying a used piano. Keep in mind a piano doesn't have to be an expensive grand piano that takes up your whole living room, there are many kinds and sizes to consider. If you still feel hesitant about what and where to buy, I would be happy to share some resources and help you figure out what would best fit.

If a keyboard is necessary due to mobility, sound restraints or space issues, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1. The number of keys: Unless you're just looking for some basic reading and playing skills, you'll probably want a keyboard with at least 61 keys. Even then, you're range of playing is fairly limited and you'll probably get very used to the octave shift buttons.

2. Weighted keys: For the most part this is fairly common in keyboards now because the technology has been around for so long. However, generally the more expensive the keyboard the better the action of the keys (the way it emulates a piano's keys).

3. Stand and Bench: No matter what, make sure that you have an adjustable bench and a sturdy stand for your keyboard. This is very important to help promote healthy playing habits from the start.