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Thanksgiving Shopping! (for St. Paul area)

Thanksgiving is on its way and I am very excited! I love this holiday all about appreciating and being grateful for what we have. And since it's almost Thanksgiving, it means that I'm getting set to host a bunch of my friends for my annual PreThanksgiving Thanksgiving Feast. Check out my previous posts tagged Thanksgiving for tips on making the grand feast. Today I thought I'd share my price comparison for ingredients.

Confession: I wasn't really thinking about sharing this when I was making it, so sometimes I didn't write the price from a store for an item I know is cheaper at another store. I checked it at the store, but didn't write it down. Also, I limit myself to 3 stores (Cub Foods, Rainbow Foods and Target) to limit how much time I spend shopping.

Apology: So this is the list of stuff I needed, and since I wasn't thinking about blogging this, well, I just didn't search for anything I don't buy (cream of mushroom soup, broth) or already had in my pantry. Sorry.

I shop at the Midway stores for each of these. Prices may vary at different stores. I tried to remember if you need a coupon for most of these. Sorry if I forget one.

The Turkey: I believe I prefer Butterball. I'm testing that out this year. I'll get back to you on that, but basically Jennie-O is cheapest. Rainbow has it for $.55/# with coupon and $25 purchase (before the turkey is added). My list is comparing Butterballs though. Which is also cheapest at Rainbow.

Here is my price comparison and shopping list.

Again, I just thought I'd share what I found while out and about shopping yesterday. 100% my opinion and not set in stone. Keep in mind, these are the prices for this week and will probably change next week too!


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