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The Friday Refrain: Your Weekly New Music Digest

Happy Friday everybody, it's time to check out the new music for today! Indie artists Japanese Breakfast releases the sophomore album Soft Sounds From Another Planet today and Waxahatchee comes back with Out in the Storm. Shabazz Palaces have two albums out today, count them TWO, Quazarz vs. the Jealous Machines and Quazarz: Born On A Gangster Star. And that's really the big big releases today. Next week packs some punches though so ready yourself.

Ready this List! (my aggregated list of what came out last week genrefied by me if I listened to it)

And I don't really have a list of weird connections between albums this week because I spent the majority of it listening to all the albums I liked from January to June trying to whittle down my list for the podcast. So I'm going to list somethings that won't make my list because I forgot to go back and listen to them. And then I'm going to try to give them some listens soon I hope.

My "Wish I had Paid Closer Attention" List

Fion Regan, The Meetings of the Waters - this soft-spoken singer-songwriter style album is great and then there is "Babushka-Yai Ya" which is this loud and boisterous song in the middle of a pretty chill and beautiful album.

Heinall, Anthem - It's just ambient music that really chills me out and helps me focus. I don't know how to really evaluate or put into a hierarchical system because it's just really nice, effective and pleasant to listen to.

Silja Sol, Ni Liv - this one probably only strikes me in certain moves but this album of wandering and poppy and synthy music could end up being this year's Fulhast for me.

The Dirty Nil, Minimum R&B - I like this early Weezer/Green Day sounding album. Brings me back to stealing my brother's tapes to listen to them and then returning them without notice.

Cayetana, New Kind of Normal - Garagey lo-fi assertive rock

San Cisco, The Waters - I think this would be good plopped into a summer party mix.

Mara Balls, Elava Kivi - Good solid rock.

Allison Pierce, Year of the Rabbit - Not exactly but if you're into the musical vein of Margo Price, this would be worth a listen.

Boliden, Surface - Ambient music I get.

And now I have to return to life. I hope you have a lovely weekend readers and Happy Listening!

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